Your Canon Scanner gets interrupted at various occasions and whenever it malfunctions it will loosen up its strength to scan properly. This will affect your scanner in a way that it can’t process printed documents into your computer. This will hint you to replace or take the device for servicing. Otherwise, you are suggested to follow the below steps to get the issues fixed instantly.

Verify the Cable Connectivity: You should make sure that the USB data cable and the USB power cable are connected to the computer and the scanner properly. When both are securely connected, check for any damage in them. If you find any damage, just replace the cables as soon as possible. Generally, Canon scanners use proprietary USB cables, which can resist you in your performance.

Your Driver and Software must be up-to-date: you must check and make sure that your drivers are up-to-date. They must function properly; otherwise replace them as soon as possible. You can update the software and driver both from the official website of Canon Printer. If you can’t get the one, connect to the trained professionals available at Canon Printer Customer Care Number UK. They suggest you the best path.

Low storage space: Whenever the scanner stops to work suddenly, it might happen as you don’t have enough space. Sometimes, your device memory shows to be insufficient due to which scanner won’t work. The color must be set to 24-bit; it will reduce the memory strain. And when the problem still goes on, you must disable Moire Reduction and Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background to free up the memory.

Set Capture On Touch Job: When your scanner is not scanning the documents appropriately, this is because of the discrepancy between the Capture-On-Touch scan job settings and the scanner driver settings. As the Registered job settings always take priority over scanner driver settings, this will be problematic for you sometimes. This is important to edit the existing job settings in Capture-On-Touch or you can make a new scan job with the correct settings.

Jams caused in Feeding: when the paper got jammed in the feeder, there are generally two solutions for this. There are chances that the feed roller and separation pad are dirty or not installed properly. You need to check that they are clean and installed correctly. Be aware of this particular situation, while loading the paper.

Pages are being skipped: There are chances that your scanner is missing or skipping pages, this has been resulted because of the scanner settings. Generally, your scanner has been equipped with the ability to skip blank pages. In this case, you are suggested to decrease the skipped pages or you can also use a different scanning mode like Simplex or Duplex.

Scanner Glass and Rollers: While your experience problem due to paper jams, multi-page feed errors or splotched on scanned files, you will face scanning issues. You must wipe off both the sides of the scammer glass and rollers and clean the whole area. When streaks keep on appearing even when the cleaning is not finished yet, you need to have a scratch on the internal glass. If you are not finding the right way still, consult the trained officials at Canon Helpline Number UK and fix every error in a go.