Canon Laser Printer would be the first name that any printer professional will suggest you when you look for a printer that could deliver flawless print quality. But does it actually happen? Do you always get the print quality the way you want? No, this is not what we can expect from our printer every time. On various occasions, we have to compromise with the print quality because of different technical reasons. The few things that user should check in such a situation is:

  • They are using updated Canon Printer Driver
  • Check the level of your printer cartridge and if any cartridge is empty or low then replace it
  • Make sure you haven’t selected draft mode in printer configuration.
  • You are using genuine or compatible printer cartridge.
  • The paper type matches the paper setting.

If you need any assistance for basic troubleshooting of your printer then you can also go for Canon Printer Support UK. No one likes to have a face full of pimples, similarly, when it comes to printout we always want spotless prints. At times, Canon Laser printer emits spotted printouts. Such printers are total wastage of paper, ink, money and time. To get this issue fixed you need to diagnose the exact because otherwise you might land up into bigger trouble.

Hardware Issue

If you are using a color printer and having spots of any particular cartridge (cyan, magenta, yellow or black) then replacing that particular cartridge might resolve your issue. But in the case of a monochrome laser printer, you have only one toner cartridge that is black and if you are getting any other color spots then the problem is something else. Printing in color from monochrome printer might cause the original printout’s toner to infuse inside the machine which will ultimately cause spots.

Repetitive Spots and Streaks

If you are locating spots and streak on the specific position of the page then the problem is which that particular spot. Canon maintains a list of defective defect information. You can look into the information provided by your manufacturer to find the flaw with your toner that is causing the issue at regular interval. If you cannot find the information then only technicians can help you with this issue.

Irregular Spots

Laser printer toner has powdery and microscopic particles that can shift to crevices and stay inside the machine causing blemishes on the printout. In this case, you will need to service your printer with the help of Canon Printer Support Number.

Small Yellow Dots on the Printout

The yellow spots that you are getting on your printer output are considered to be your printer’s fingerprint. It helps in the identification of your printer make and model. You can only spot these tiny dots if you look at your printout quite closely. But whatever it is, they are definitely annoying. It is the feature of the printer, not a bug. So, you cannot actually do anything about this problem, you have to deal with it. This feature is implemented in conjunction with law enforcement agencies so that duplicities’ can be minimized, especially in the case of legal paper and currencies.

Just find out what type of spot you are getting and then take up the proper measure to rectify it. Remember that if at any point you feel helpless, you should reach to professionals.